Morley Home Brew Centre

Here at Morley Home Brew Centre we aim to stock everything for your brewing needs, from beer and wine through to spirits and liqueurs, and everything in between. We stock beer kits for all budgets, working out at around 35p a pint for our budget range, and 65p a pint for premium kits. We have many popular brands to choose from such as Muntons, Coopers, Woodfords, Festival, Youngs and Bulldog craft beers. If you don’t fancy brewing from a kit we also have everything you need for all grain brewing including numerous hops, grains and yeasts.

Our cider kits include popular brands such as On the Rocks, Bulldog and Magnum ciders, offering a variety of flavours for you try including the popular Strawberry & lime as well as your basic apple and pear ciders.

We have a range of wine kits to provide for all budgets and styles of wine, from light bodied to full bodied wines, in red’s white’s and ros'e. Our selection includes 4 week kits such as Kenridge, Beaverdale and California connoisseur. Also 7 day wine kits such as cellar 7, solomon grundy and Australian blends. Wine is very simple to make and we are here to guide you through the process if you get stuck.   

We stock a range of spirit and liqueur flavourings, from Still Spirits, Alcotec and Prestige. These include flavoured vodka’s, brandies, herbal liqueurs, whiskies, rum and schnapps. We also stock a range of turbo yeasts and spirit kits to legally ferment between 5L and 25L of 22% base spirit which you can then flavour with any of the essences.

Whether you have been brewing for years or you are just a beginner wanting to give it a go, theres something to suit everybody. If there is something you can’t find please don’t hesitate to call in or give us a ring and we will do our best to get it in stock for you. 

Notifications and news

Here are the latest news and notifcations from Morley Home Brew. Keep checking back for special offers.

the grainfather all grain brewing system

Now in stock. For more details click here.
Now comes with free morley home brew mash kit  of your choice

special offer on s30 gas refill

buy any beer kit at the same time as you exchange an s30 gas bottle & get £1.00 off the gas.

gift vouchers

gift vouchers available from £5.00 upwards.

Please note we can't send out vouchers via post but you can pay over the phone to be collected in store by recipient


Here are all the events happening either in store or locally.

next bottle swap 05/09/2015

The next bottle swap is on Saturday 5th september, 14:00-15:00.

It's open to all brewers whether it is kit beers, all grain beers, ciders or wines. Just bring as many bottles as you want & swap with other brewers. if you don't swap them all you can always take them back home.
There is a fun (optional) competition at every bottle swap this time it is for a wheat beer. If you are entering a beer please put it in a bottle no bigger than 568ml & no stickers on the bottle, Simon who is running the competition, will allocate a number to each one. No more than 2 entries per person.

The winning beers will be posted on the morley home brew facebook page.